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Webinar on Crowdfunding


In this "Crowdfunding for access to land" Webinar. You will hear all about crowdfunding for farmland from Thomas Kliemt who coordinated the 1M€ campaign for http://luzernenhof.de. In total, the Kulturland-Genossenschaft has successfully crowd-funded land for 22 farms already now.

Ausführliche Beschreibung

Thomas Kliemt is part of the Kulturland Cooperative and co-founder of OpenCrowdInvest.org, an open-source software for crowdfunding. He is working in the field of communication and coordinated one of the biggest crowdfunding (farmhouse) and -investing (farmland) campaign with an overall volume of approximately 1 M€. The Luzernhof is now not only a very successfull csa, but also innovative in their new model of «share the harvest by order ». Overall, Kulturland purchased farmland with 22 farms in an overall volume of 8 Mio Euro. We will hear about the campaign and the idea and concept behind it, the do’s and dont’s when crowfunding for farmland and get an overview of relevant aspects of a communication strategy for such campaigns. 

You can register here and check out the forthcoming webinars here!

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